Angels in Our Midst

“The joy of life after cancer”

is the tagline for Toddler Planet, a blog written by a beautiful woman.  Strong, brave, talented, brilliant, loving, funny:  these are words used to portray her.  Blessed is the word to describe us, the recipients of her words.

What happens in the world of Internet connectivity when a young mother, (34 years old), an astrophysicist, decides to stay at home with her children and occasionally consult?  She starts a chronicle of her journey.  She teaches and shares her knowledge of space and science with others through writing.  She has fun with her little boys, age 2 1/2 and 5 months.

“The joy of life after cancer”

The momblog that she creates is terrific: full of life, full of hope, full of the challenges she faces with a toddler and a baby.

Only when her mother-in-law is diagnosed with breast cancer, does the young mother pause.  She’s been so busy, so involved with living and giving.  She’s been breastfeeding her 5 month old since he was born but something is different this time around.  Why is her baby unwilling to suckle her right breast?  Why does it look “different”?

Doctors visits later she finds out that she has Inflammatory Breast Cancer; a rare and dreadful form of an already terrible disease.

Her answer to this diagnosis is to educate others, to let us all know of her journey.

“The joy of life after cancer”

She journals her feelings, her struggles,  her love, her delight in her children, her pain and she endures beyond the prognosis of the disease.  Even with bone metastases, there is still hope.

“The joy of life after cancer”

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, exhaustion, clinical trials, pneumonia; repeat.  Four and one-half years…

“The joy of life after cancer”

Her final entry, written as a conversation between herself and her beloved husband, is  about bringing hospice into their home.

Go to her blog, learn from her, pray for her husband and little boys, read and share and advocate for a real cure for breast cancer.  And remember, the tagline

“The joy of life after cancer”

Susan Niebur died February 6, 2012. @whymommy



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