Parents Take Notice: Seclusion Rooms

This is beyond disturbing. Does anyone from the school(s) explain the length of time rationale? I mean, don’t get me wrong…the padded room is ridiculous enough, but more alarming is the length of time a child is placed in this type of room as a  ‘time out’ for their behavior.

Most childhood experts agree that the 2-5 minute rule is sufficient enough time to calm down any unruly behavior. After that, a ‘time out’ isn’t even effective.

It was a horrifying experience and what started my investigating into it was the length of time. We now have in place time limits as to what they can do and for how long and when a call is to be made to us. I would rather come get my son than have him be subjected to such treatment.

This absolutely sickens and frightens me! My child’s summer program was in a school building in [name removed to protect child] that had one of these padded rooms. We only found out about it after a note came home the first week stating s/he had been placed in time out for over an hour because s/he wouldn’t comply. I was livid and shocked that my 6 year old, whom I had never been told prior of such issues, was in any time out for that length of time. When I went to the classroom to see where this time out took place (it was in a makeshift seclusion area with three walls and a mat higher than his/her head, for the fourth) was when I saw this padded room. I was told that s/he wasn’t placed in there because another child was already using it. They told me that s/he was in for so long because s/he kept crying and trying to kick the mat down. Well, hello, s/he’s 6 years old and mostly non-verbal! Wouldn’t it make sense that s/he would be scared and react that way? Needless to say, we kept major tabs on them for the rest of the summer. It’s very sad that this is how some are treating our children, special needs or not. I’m not sure what we can do but keep tight eyes on them and make it known that we will not tolerate this treatment. It’s just another scary part of letting our children, especially those without their own voices ,out without us. I hope something is put into place to stop allowing this.

These stories are not uncommon and they are covered in the press because they are so compelling. Never covered are the stories about the trauma kids suffer everyday from being forced to endure years of failure, humiliation, and rejection because their schools refuse to provide them with the services they need in order to learn. 

The above comments in Italics are only some of the comments made by real parents in Massachusetts and over the United States over a truly disturbing development in “care” of our children.   It is “seclusion rooms.”  Please read this description on the opinion page of the New York Times.   This is occurring all over the US.  Here is another story about seclusion rooms.  Then sign this petition.  We parents need to act.

The photo above is from CAIC .


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