I won’t give up…

My child is a wizard…and a dragon rider…and a super hero.  He can play all these games with such agility that it boggles my mind.  So today when s/he asked me to join in on one of the games that he enjoys, I was honored and humbled and…nervous.

Above is the first 15 minutes of someone else’s play…I crashed the dragon into the ocean, into the rocks, pretty much every place it could be crashed.  Leaning right, leaning left, I kept trying to get into the experience and succeeded–in becoming nauseous with each flip and dip.

I’m hoping that I will be able to get the hang of it…my child’s disappointment heard in deep sighs and “MOM, you have to get back to the village” said in that sing-song tone of the despondent.  Yes, hopeless…

Yet according to research highlighted in New York Times Magazine, video game playing and other types of games can improve attention and fluid memory.  Since fluid memory is supposed to peak during young adulthood, it behooves anyone whose been 29 and holding for a couple of years to get playing.

So I shall persevere, overcome and increase my brain power with Lumosity and Riders of Berk!  And beat the pants off of those other repeating 29 year old (repeating) moms out there…. I challenge you!


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