What ever happened to old school medicine? It’s still around…

“Nothing connects doctor & patient faster than a simple moment of pure listening. Not just waiting for your turn to talk, but real listening.”

Tweet by Dr. Steven Eisenberg, January 5, 2013

I wrote a post a year ago entitled “What happened to Old School Medicine?”  Perhaps, by putting my mourning  for my father “out there” I have started something in my own life.  My most recent experiences with physicians, specifically with  my child’s pediatrician, has been like walking into the past.  I have found “old school medicine” in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  I don’t live in Wellesley but I took the advice of my child’s school nurse and made an appointment with her children’s pediatrician.

This is an ‘old school’ practice:  two physicians share it.  We have only seen these doctors twice but they both spent a large amount of time talking and listening to us.  When I have had a question, I called the office and later that day, the doctor called me back.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.


And then, there are tweets like the one above.  Faith is a beautiful thing!


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