“A Needed Response”

Public health is about keeping people safe…be it through immunizations, assuring clean water or preventing gun violence.  Here is another safety issue we need to address:

A story about a friend…

There was once a very protected girl.  She did not date until she was 18.   She was an innocent.  She told the boy that she was dating that she would not have sex until after marriage.

She shared champagne with this boy and drank too much.  The next thing she remembered was going to the bathroom, feeling pain and seeing bright red blood.

The boy said to her, “I’m so glad I was the first.”

She continued to date this boy….thought she had to marry him.  She almost took her life.   Only with counseling did she realize she had been date raped.  She broke off contact with the boy.  She spent years in therapy.

He  became a successful physician.

Watch this incredible video with an important message.  It should be part of every boy’s and girl’s education.


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