Reporters: Give ‘Em A Break

The people of Boston, like the marathoners, are resilient and resourceful. We cannot be broken by a cowardly act of terror. We will come back from this. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Patriot’s Day is a holiday in Massachusetts celebrating the anniversary of the April 19th Battle of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution. It is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of April. My first experience of it was many years ago during my fellowship in Health Communication at Harvard.

This year I finally had the chance to see the running of the Boston Marathon. We went to see the elite wheelchair racers and the large pack of folks, many running for charities, at the corner of Washington and Commonwealth in Newton. This corner is right before one of the largest hills that runners face and lots of people cheered the racers to help them face the challenge.

We got home at 3 pm and found out via a phone call from family that the terrorist explosion had occurred at the finish line.

When you think about it, the person who planted those bombs wanted to hurt a lot of people –especially children and families. Children are out of school this week here in Massachusetts. Patriots Day is a work holiday and a time for families to be together. The terrorist/s wanted to hurt people who were cheering good people who were running for Tufts Medical Center and Fred’s Cancer Fund at Sloan Kettering and other charities. They wanted to hurt and maim the innocent.

And they did.

Sadly, the media has hounded the families of the three victims and seem to be hovering around those who are critically ill like vultures.

It is the continuing horror of this event. I request that the news media follow the ethics of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you:…or your mother, father, daughter, son. Remember: “There but by the grace of God go I.”


2 thoughts on “Reporters: Give ‘Em A Break”

  1. I agree with you. The media has to learn restraint. They are making things worse for the families. These people need their privacy and have to grieve.

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