Meredith Hurston, #HCHLITSS Guest September 17, 2015

We are very excited to have as our guest on #HCHLITSS Thursday September 17, 2015 Meredith Hurston. Here is a short bio.

#hchlitssMeredith Hurston is a native of Flint, MI and finished her undergraduate studies at The University of Michigan-Flint. After completing a graduate degree in healthcare administration, she now works at the nation’s top rated hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a board certified Clinical Laboratory Scientist currently focusing her efforts on healthcare quality and patient safety. Her reputation as a passionate, no-nonsense advocate for patients and their safety has created a buzz in the medical community. Driven by faith and dedication to closing the gap in healthcare disparities, Meredith serves as an ePatient Advisor to the Stanford Medicine X program. Meredith believes in strengthening the health literacy of patients, families and consumers to improve their confidence when speaking to medical professionals. This key element will allow more patients to take an active role in decision-making for their health. She has committed the use of her voice to make that happen. She is the host of Take Charge of Your Own Health podcast and curates The Empowered Mocha Patient, an online health resource especially for African-Americans.

She will be facilitating a workshop at the Stanford Medicine X |Ed conference, which precedes MedX. Her workshop is designed for healthcare students and educators and will teach strategies for patient engagement.

Please join us and learn more. Use!


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