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How An Adult With Low Literacy Experiences the Healthcare System according to Peter Morrison

The term “health literacy” has been around for at least 15 years but headway in understanding it and implementing tools to address it is relatively recent.  Low health literacy occurs in those who… Continue reading

Anyone can have poor health literacy

This video from ACP Foundation demonstrates that people of all educational levels can have poor health literacy.

Women, Care-giving and Health Literacy

Health literacy is essential to care-giving in the 21st century. The term health literacy is confusing because we can be highly educated yet still have poor health literacy.  So what is health literacy?  It’s about understanding… Continue reading

Low health literacy may lead to poorer health

I started a group on LinkedIn called Health Communication, Social Marketing and Social Scientists.  Recently there has been a long discussion over health literacy. When discussion among health communicators over health literacy becomes… Continue reading