Wanderings in Puerto Rico #EOL

A  breeze keeps him cool in the tropical sun as he plays.  Impishly he smiles at his sister, then makes a rush at her.   He almost catches her, the little lizard wriggling in his grasp.

 ¡ Prisa!  hermana… o me voy a poner un lagarto en la oreja.

¡ Mira! El lagarto va morder el lóbulo de la oreja y colgar al igual que un arete.

¡ Ejecutar!

End of life, Spanish pours from his mouth as he speaks to his wife of almost 50 years.  He has never spoken to her in Spanish in all their married life.

The long-term care insurance doesn’t pay for a great place to keep him but she doesn’t know what else to do.  While feeding two other patients, a nurse’s aide says, “Good thing you feed him…there are too many mouths to feed for me to deal with him too.”

He’s thin, thinner than ever before.  She feeds him bananas…they make him smile.

Me encanta la canción del Coquí.  ¿Lo oyes?

The bed sore is getting worse, his skin is breaking down…he’s stopped walking…he has sepsis.  The list goes on and on…

It’s snowing outside….He’s hanging on…his body just won’t let go of this life.  She loves him but wishes he would leave because of the pain…his pain…her pain at watching him leave her.

The sun feels good on his face.  His island home welcomes him, whispering

Ven conmigo.

*For a dear one…I love you!